James Dennison

Research Fellow
  • Phone: +39 055 4685 885
  • Dr. James Dennison is a Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre where he leads the Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration. His research interests include attitudinal formation and electoral behavior. He has published in a number of European journals and regularly appears in international media.

    Research topics: Attitudinal formation, social scientific methods, political behaviour
    Geographic areas: Europe, Far East, Arab world
    ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0003-3090-7124

  • Dennison, J. (2016). The Greens in British Politics: Protest, Anti-Austerity and the Divided Left. Basingstoke: Palgrave Macmillan.

  • Refereed journal articles
  • Dennison, J. and Geddes, A. (2018). “Brexit and the Perils of Europeanised Immigration”. Journal of European Public Policy 25 (8): 1137-1153
  • Dennison, J. (2018). “The rug pulled from under them: UKIP and the Greens”. Parliamentary Affairs 71 (1): 91–108
  • Dennison, J. & Draege, J. (2017). “Making Sense of the 2016 Italian Constitutional Referendum”. Mediterranean Politics 23(3): 403-409
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  • Dennison, J. & Goodwin, M. (2015). “Immigration, Issue Ownership and the Rise of UKIP”. Parliamentary Affairs, 68 (1): 168-187.

  • Book chapters
  • Dennison, J., Grumbinaitė, I. and Oliver, T. (2018). “Baltic member states: Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania”. In Europe’s Brexit, edited by Oliver, T. Newcastle: Agenda.
  • Dennison, J. & Goodwin, M. (2018, forthcoming). “The Radical Right in the United Kingdom”. In The Oxford Handbook of the Radical Right, edotrd by Rydgren, J. Oxford: Oxford University Press.
  • Evans, G., Carl, N. and Dennison, J. (2017). “Brexit: The Causes and Consequences of the UK's decision to leave the EU”. In Europe’s Crises, edited by Castells, M. et al. Chichester: Polity.