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11th Migration Summer School

About the European Agenda on Migration

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13 May 2015, the European Commission presents its blueprint for a European Agenda on Migration: this had been announced as one of the ten political priorities of President Juncker for his five-year mandate A New Start for Europe. On this occasion, the Migration Policy Centre has put together a set of four policy briefs dealing with the main priorities defined by the Commission. They concisely set out the state of play at the EU level and the main challenges in each of the areas. They explain the need for reform of the current legislative and policy framework and assess the need for an EU-wide approach on each of the issues. Finally, the MPC researchers propose a number of concrete ideas for action. These will serve as a kind of benchmark, against which the ambition of the European Agenda on Migration can be tested. The four policy briefs, written and internally published before any drafts of the Agenda were released, are also meant as a specialized contribution to the upcoming debate on these four issues.

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Read “The EU needs a new narrative on migration. Will the European Agenda on Migration meet the challenge?” by Philippe Fargues, 14 May 2015

The Mediterranean Migrant Crisis

The Mediterranean has become the scene of unprecedented migrant tragedies. The MPC provides here some key data, analysis and policy advice on this issue.

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Desperate Journeys”, interview with Philippe Fargues, Robert Schuman Chair, Director of the Migration Policy Centre. Al Jazeera, 10 May 2015

Sinking Leadership in the Mediterranean

The crisis has been growing since Syria descended into civil war and Libya collapsed into a state of near anarchy. And yet, last year the Italian search and rescue operation, named Mare Nostrum, was drastically scaled back. “Clearly the morality is just not acceptable”, complains Professor Philippe Fargues, the founding Director of the Migration Policy Centre.

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11th Migration Summer School

11th Migration Summer School
Multiple Approaches to Migration: Challenges at Origin and Destination

22 June 2015 - 03 July 2015

Migration is a critical issue for governments at all levels, and both sending and receiving societies. Participants of the 11th Migration Summer School will study, through a variety of disciplinary approaches, the challenges that migration poses for countries of origin and destination. In countries of origin, migration can bring development, through various forms of remittances, but it can also exacerbate already existing socio-economic inequalities. In countries of destination, host societies benefit from new sources of labour, but many find it difficult to ensure the full integration of immigrants and their descendants. In the European context in particular, a number of countries are currently struggling with how to modify citizenship laws that currently exclude European-born children of foreign parents.

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The Migration Policy Centre based at the European University Institute, Florence, conducts advanced research on global migration to serve migration governance needs at the European level, from developing, implementing and monitoring migration-related policies to assessing their impact on the wider economy and society.

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