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Annual Conference of the Migration Policy Centre: Follow-up


On the 1st and 2nd July, the Migration Policy Centre (MPC) held its Annual Conference on Migration, part of the ongoing EUI forum on Migration, Citizenship and Demography. The first day opened with several welcome addresses from stakeholders actively involved in the field of migration, both at the political and academic level. Professor Philippe Fargues, Director of the Migration Policy Centre and Scientific Organiser of the Conference, firstly recalled the importance of tackling migration issues not only as a problem to solve, but also as a challenge to take-up on a global scale.

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MPC facilitates a regional training workshop on migration in Bangkok

Photo group of the ETEM training participants

On 15-17 June, the European Commission organized in Bangkok, Thailand, a three-day regional training workshop on “EU external cooperation in migration and asylum in Asia” facilitated by Iván Martín, Part-time Professor at the MPC. The workshop was addressed to EU officers in charge of migration issues and projects in EU Delegations throughout Asia. It was held in the framework of the ETEM V Project (External Thematic Expertise on migration to the European Commission), implemented by the Migration Policy Centre in the framework of a consortium led by the International Organization for Migration (IOM). Two of the participants in the training workshop came from the EU Delegation in India, which manages the CARIM-India project (Developing a knowledge base for policy-making on India-EU migration) carried out by a consortium led by the EUI. The next ETEM V regional workshop for West and North Africa will take place in Dakar, Senegal, in September.

“Celebrating” World Refugee Day with four million Syrian refugees on our doorstep

Reflecting on… by Philippe Fargues

World Refugee Day comes this year as the number of Syrians registered with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees passes the dreadful milestone of 4 million. To these, one must add the many millions of internally displaced persons trapped within the borders of that country. Now into its fifth year, the conflict, which has already triggered the largest wave of forced displacement since World War II, shows no signs of abating.  Far from that, no one can even predict whether a state named Syria will exist if and when weapons finally fall silent. The whole region that was once

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MPC in the Press


Are we really saving the children? an article written by Neil Howard Marie Curie Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre. Open Democracy, 13 July 2015.

Venturini: "L'Europa invecchia e ha un bisogno vitale dell'immigrazione" heading with A. Venturini

Alessandra Venturini, Deputy-Director of the Migration Policy Centre, talks to Maria Cristina Carratù of the Italian broadsheet newspaper ‘La Repubblica’ on Europe’s role in facing immigration issues and the importance of immigration for Europe. See the article reporting on the interview (in Italian): Venturini: “L'Europa invecchia e ha un bisogno vitale dell'immigrazione"


The Migration Policy Centre based at the European University Institute, Florence, conducts advanced research on global migration to serve migration governance needs at the European level, from developing, implementing and monitoring migration-related policies to assessing their impact on the wider economy and society.

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