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Boko Haram Militants Expanding Beyond Nigeria Into Chad, Niger, Cameroon, an article mentioning the Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS. International Business Times, 13 February 2015

Worldwide protracted Refugee and IDP populations

Miniature of the Worldmap of Protracted Refugee Populations

In June 2014 the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) reported that the worldwide population of displaced people – meaning refugees, asylum seekers, and internally displaced persons (IDPs) – topped 50 million people for the first time since the Second World War. This overall rise is not, unfortunately, the only cause for concern. Changes in the composition and characteristics of the world’s displaced population are worrying as well.

by Cameron Thibos and Sara Bonfanti.
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Syrianrefugees website snapshot

Nearly two years ago, in January 2013, MPC collaborated with a team of journalists to create the website, a dedicated resource that monitors the EU’s response to the crisis and highlights the human stories of those who have taken refuge in neighbouring countries and Europe. In October this site received a major update. Video interviews on the crisis and refreshed statistics on Syrian asylum seekers to Europe and humanitarian aid dollars were added. Two new sections of rich, multimedia content covering those refugees who have sought protection in Sweden and Bulgaria were also created.


The Migration Policy Centre based at the European University Institute, Florence, conducts advanced research on global migration to serve migration governance needs at the European level, from developing, implementing and monitoring migration-related policies to assessing their impact on the wider economy and society.

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