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Decision-Making Processes and the (Non) Politicisation οf Migration in Sicily

Why is it that in Sicily, one of the European regions most harshly hit both by the refugee crisis and the economic crisis, migration is not politicised? This is the question addressed by Andrea Pettrachin in his new EUI working paper. Read More …

Barriers to free movement in Africa: How to remove them?

New blog by our former Visiting Fellow Mehari Taddele Maru on the obstacles that impede progress on free movement for people in Africa and the prospects for future development. Read More …

Post-Doctoral Research Fellow for the MEDAM Project

Workshop: The Swinging of the Pendulum? Centre-Right Parties in a Post-Migration Crisis Europe, 7 October 2019

How Issue Salience Explains the Rise of the Populist Right in Western Europe

Book Launch ‘The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance’, Wednesday 30 October, London