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Europe’s turning point on migration? Politics, policy and predictions ahead of the 2019 elections

Public attitudes, party positions, and likely future policy dynamics are discussed in a new report published by the Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration and the ICMPD. The findings will be presented in Brussels on May 7. Read More …

When do populist radical right parties succeed? Salience, stigma, and the case of the end of Iberian ‘exceptionalism’

Ahead of the Spanish General Elections, this paper uses the case of the Spanish party Vox to test an original theoretical framework explaining the rise of populist radical right parties in Europe. Read More …

Labour market realism and the global compacts on migration and refugees

Fighting myths about immigration? Facts and evidence are not enough.

ECSR Workshop: The dynamics of neighbourhood segregation, 11 April 2019

Workshop: Cities and the global governance of migration. An under-explored link, 17-18 October 2019