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EUIdeas – The Global Compact on Migration: From Ideals to Reality

The Migration Policy Centre inaugurates EUIdea, the first EUI-wide blog, with a post on the Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration. Read More …

Reflections on the Global Compact on Migration from an African pespective

In his Keynote Speech at the MPC Annual Conference, Ambassador Ajay Bramdeo, Permanent Representative of the African Union to the United Nations Office and other International Organisations, offered an African perspective on the Global Compact of Migration and on EU migration policies. Watch the video and highlights from the MPC Annual Conference. Read More …

Second generations’ education and labour market outcomes in England and Wales

The Greying of Europe and Public Opinion about Immigration

If mayors ruled migration: Promises and gaps

Book Launch: The Dynamics of Regional Migration Governance, 1 July 2019