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Sea Rescue NGOs : a pull factor of irregular migration?

A new policy brief analyses the argument that maritime Search and Rescue (SAR) operations act as a ‘pull factor’ of irregular seaborne migration has become commonplace during the Mediterranean ‘refugee crisis’. Read More …

Blog – A reset of the European Union’s approach to migration?

In this blog post for the Dahrendorf Forum, Leila Hadj Abdou & Andrew Geddes argue that a reset of the European Union’s migration policy is unlikely to occur under the new Commission. Instead, as migration politics is now driven by Read More …

MPC Seminar on ‘Radicalization and Nationalism” with Robert Schertzer and Mitja Sardoc, 10 December 2019, Florence

Public views on asylum and refugee policies similar across European countries

What the Essex case tells us about the current state of migrant smuggling from Europe into the UK

Migration Working Group on ‘Asylum : Legal, Normative and Quantitative Perspectives’, 26 November 2019