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Latest Information – COVID19

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The European University Institute (EUI) takes the responsibility to prevent the spread of COVID19 very seriously. All academic activities are suspended until 3 April and only staff whose presence is necessary for the continuation of activities is allowed to access Read More ...

The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) conducts advanced research on the transnational governance of international migration, asylum and mobility. It aims to provide new ideas, rigorous evidence and critical thinking to inform major European and global policy debates. Learn more about us

Us Versus Them? Covid-19 and its Effects

In her new blog, Leila Hadj Abdou takes the Covid-19 emergency as an opportunity to discuss mental health challenges one may be faced with – an issue which is often stigmatised, taboo. Read More …

Migration Policy Scoreboard : A Monitoring Mechanism for EU Asylum and Migration Policy

This new policy brief of the MEDAM project recommends that the European Commission include a monitoring mechanism in the ‘New Pact on Migration and Asylum’. Read More …

Is There a Link Between Travel and Spread of Covid19?

The complex relationship between immigrants’ concentration, socioeconomic environment and attitudes towards immigrants in Europe

Assessing Visa Costs on a Global Scale

The Strasbourg court judgement N.D. and N.T. v Spain : a carte blanche to push backs at EU external borders?