Emanuel Deutschmann

Research Associate
  • Phone: +39 055 4685 538
  • Emanuel Deutschmann is a postdoctoral researcher in the Global Mobilities Project. He holds a PhD in Sociology from the Bremen International Graduate School of Social Sciences, an MSc in Sociology from Nuffield College, University of Oxford, and a BSc in Social Sciences from the University of Cologne. In spring 2015, he was a visitor to the Global Systemic Risk research community at Princeton University. His research interests cover social networks, transnational mobility and communication, regional integration, and globalization. His work has been published in journals such as Social Science Research, European Journal of Political Research, Journal of Conflict Resolution, European Societies, and International Sociology.

    Research topics: social networks, transnational mobility and communication, regional integration, globalization, migration, social stratification.
    Geographic areas: Europe, Latin America, global.
    ORCID ID: orcid.org/0000-0002-6460-6947

    Refereed journal articles
  • Deutschmann, E., J. Delhey, M. Verbalyte & A. Aplowski (2018). “The Power of Contact: Europe as a Network of Transnational Attachment”, European Journal of Political Research, online first.
  • Deutschmann, E. & L. Minkus (2018). “Swinging Leftward: Public Opinion on Economic and Political Integration in Latin America, 1997–2010”. Latin American Research Review 53(1), forthcoming.
  • Holtz, P., E. Deutschmann & H. Dobewall (2017). “Cross-Cultural Psychology and the Rise of Academic Capitalism: Linguistic Changes in CCR and JCCP Articles“, 1970–2014. Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology 48(9): 1410-31.
  • Deutschmann, E. (2016). “The Spatial Structure of Transnational Human Activity”. Social Science Research 59 (Special Issue on Big Data in the Social Sciences): 120–36.
  • Deutschmann, E. (2016). “Between Collaboration and Disobedience: The Behavior of the Guantánamo Detainees and its Consequences”. Journal of Conflict Resolution 60(3): 555–82.
  • Delhey, J. & E. Deutschmann (2016). “On the Europeanization of Actions and Attitudes: A Macrosociological Comparison of the EU Member States”. Berliner Journal für Soziologie 26(1): 7–33.
  • Delhey, J., E. Deutschmann & K. Cîrlănaru (2015). “Between ‘Class Project’ and Individualization: The Stratification of Europeans’ Transnational Activities”. International Sociology 30(3): 269–93.
  • Delhey, J., E. Deutschmann, T. Graf & K. Richter (2014). “Measuring the Europeanization of Everyday Life: Three New Indices and an Empirical Application”. European Societies 16(3): 355–77.