Research Areas

The MPC pursues the building of regional migration observatories along migratory routes to the EU. Developed for the first time in the framework of the CARIM-South, all these regional observatories rely on the same pillars:

  • A network of country-based experts which the observatory connects across countries and disciplines, thus allowing rigorous comparisons between countries and multidisciplinary analysis of issues;
  • A database comprising three modules: demographic and economic (statistics); legal; social and political;
  • A research agenda that constructs systematic and comparable knowledge.

Because standardisation is a built-in property of the various regional observatories, they lend themselves well to inter-regional comparison and, ultimately, to the construction of a unique system of observation spanning across various regions.

There are currently three observatories established at the MPC which are co-financed by the European Union: CARIM-South, CARIM-East and CARIM-India.

  • CARIM-South (started in 2004): Observatory of migration from, through and to countries of the Southern and Eastern Mediterranean and Sub-Saharan Africa;
  • CARIM-East (started in 2011): Observatory of migration from, through and to countries of the Eastern neighbourhood and the European Union;
  • CARIM-India (started in 2011): Observatory of migration from India to the European Union.

Additional on-going research areas include:

  • CONTENTION: Informing, analysing and comparing the EU Return Directive based judicial control of pre-removal detention of third-country nationals in 11 EU Member States with a view to improving it, in particular regarding the control of the length of detention.
  • INTERACT (started 2012): Researching third country nationals’ integration as a three-way process – immigrants, countries of emigration and countries of immigration as actors of integration, co-financed by the European Union;
  • GLMM: An observatory of population and migration in the Gulf States, in cooperation with the Gulf Research Centre (Dubai);
  • Syrian Refugees: A snapshot of the crisis in the Middle East and Europe;
  • Labour Market: How can Europe resume economic growth while addressing demographic decline?

Past research areas include:

  • Know Reset: Building knowledge for a concerted and sustainable approach of resettlement in the EU and its member states, co-financed by the European Union;
  • MIGMEDCIS: An exchange programme on migration in the EU, the Mediterranean and CIS countries;
  • EU-US Migration: This project carried out in partnership with MPI identified ways in which European and US immigration systems can be substantially improved to address major challenges policymakers confront on both sides of the Atlantic;
  • Population displaced by earthquake in Haiti and Labour mobility in the ECOWAS area of free circulation: two projects conducted in the framework of the ACP Observatory on Migration, an IOM programme co-financed by the European Union.