REFMISMES Final Workshop on the labour market integration of refugees

On 29th February, the Migration Policy Centre, in collaboration with the Bertelsmann Stiftung of Germany, organised a workshop on the labour market integration of recent refugees and asylum-seekers in nine European Union Member States. The workshop discussed the findings of the nine country case studies and the comparative research report based on them, drafted in the framework of the REFMISMES Project (Mapping Labour Market Integration Support Measures for Asylum-seekers and Refugees: Policies and Practices in EU Member States)
(See project description here).

It brought together the project team, a number of experts and practitioners from the European Commission, European Migration Network, the OECD, EUROFUND and the Bertelsmann Stiftung, as well as academic researchers on the topic from the EUI and the University of Amsterdam, the University of Malmö, the Universities of Sheffield and Oxford, DESI Sozialforschung Berlin, the Université de Lille 2, and the Wiener Institut für Internationale Wirtschaftsvergleiche (WIIW).

The final report is due to be published in April 2016.

(See the Programme here)