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Recent Publications

Human rights violations by design : EU-Turkey statement prioritises returns from Greece over access to asylum

Project: MPC Policy Briefs

Author(s): Maybritt Jill Alpes, Sevda Tunaboylu, Ilse Van Liempt

Type: Policy Brief

Year: 2017

Migration and development policies: the state of affairs before the 2015 European migration crises in the Czech Republic and its current implications

Project: EUI/RSCAS Working Papers

Author(s): Robert Stojanov, Oldřich Bureš, BarboraDuží

Type: Migration Paper

Year: 2017

Pathways towards legal migration into the EU : reappraising concepts, trajectories and policies

Project: Migration Reports

Author(s): Sergio Carrera, Andrew Geddes, Elspeth Guild, Marco Stefan

Type: Book

Year: 2017