James Dennison

Research Fellow to the OPAM project


Fields of interest: Public attitudes, social scientific methods, political behaviour

James Dennison is a Researcher to the project on Public Attitudes to Migration (PAM). He will shortly be defending his PhD, entitled ‘Re-thinking Turnout: Explaining Within-Individual Variation in Electoral Participation’ at the European University Institute. While writing his PhD, he has also published articles on migration attitudes, electoral choice and political participation and regarding topics such as the Italian constitutional referendum, the UK’s EU referendum, and European politics. He has previously held positions at the University of Oxford and the University of Sheffield, where he taught quantitative methods. He is the author of The Greens in British Politics: Protest, Anti-Austerity and the Divided Left. Before entering academia, James worked at the European Commission and in both British Houses of Parliament.

Research topics: Public attitudes, social scientific methods, political behaviour
Geographic areas: Europe, UK, United States, Singapore

Publications in Cadmus