Carolina Zuccotti

Research Fellow to the MEDAM project (project financed by Stiftung Mercator)

Fields of interest: Social Inequality and Social Stratification; Migration and Ethnicity; Urban Sociology

Carolina V. Zuccotti is a sociologist specialized in social Inequality and social stratification, migration and ethnicity, urban studies and quantitative methods. Her research currently focuses on the social and spatial integration of migrants and their children in destination societies, as well as on the role of ethnic concentration of different objective and subjective outcomes.

Before joining the MPC, Carolina V. Zuccotti was a Research Fellow at the University of Brighton, where she worked for a project on youth unemployment in Europe (STYLE, She has a PhD in Political and Social Sciences (European University Institute) and an MSc in Human Geography, Planning and Development Studies (University of Amsterdam).  She has participated in several research projects dealing with social, ethnic and spatial inequalities at various institutions in Argentina and Europe, including the University of Buenos Aires, the University of Barcelona, the Free University of Amsterdam and the London School of Economics and Political Science.

Her most recent publications are:

“Does neighbourhood ethnic concentration in early life affect subsequent labour market outcomes? A study across ethnic groups in England and Wales” (Population, Space and Place, 2016; co-authored with Lucinda Platt)

“Was migrating beneficial? Comparing social mobility of Turks in Western Europe, Turks in Turkey and Western European natives (International Migration Review, 2015; co-authored with Harry BG Ganzeboom and Ayse Guveli)

“Do parents matter? Occupational outcomes among ethnic minorities and British natives in England and Wales (2009-2010)” (Sociology, 2015).

Research topics: Social Inequality and Social Stratification; Social Mobility; Migration and Ethnicity; Spatial Segregation; Residential mobility; Neighbourhood effects
Geographic areas: Western Europe (UK and Spain in particular); Argentina