Andrea Pettrachin

Research Associate to the MIGPROSP project

Fields of interest: refugee crisis, asylum governance, Italian asylum policies, migration governance

Andrea Pettrachin is a Research Associate to the MIGPROSP Project. He has been awarded a European Research Council PhD Studentship at the University of Sheffield (UK) in 2016 to conduct research on migration governance in Europe. His research investigates the governance of asylum in Italy, in the framework of the ongoing refugee crisis, analysed with a specific focus on the context of decision and on actors’ framing and sensemaking processes in a multi-level governance scenario. More specifically, Andrea is currently working on the Italy-Libya Immigration Agreement and on the organization of the reception system in three Italian regions (Veneto, Tuscany and Sicily).
Andrea holds a BA in Political Science and International Relations and a MA in Human Rights and Multi-Level Governance. He previously worked as an intern in a non-governmental organization based in Ceuta, the Spanish enclave in Morocco, and as a trainee in the international press agency Inter Press Service.
Andrea has also been involved in two research projects focusing on the connections between human rights and Internet governance, the topic at the core of the dissertation research for his MA and of a recent publication in International Communication Gazette (“Towards a Universal Declaration on Internet Rights and Freedoms?”, 2018)

Research topics: refugee crisis, asylum governance, Italian asylum policies, migration governance
Georgaphic areas: Italy (Veneto, Tuscany, Sicily)