Alessandra Venturini

Part-time Professor, Academic Co-Director of the MEDAM project (project financed by Stiftung Mercator)

Fields of interest: Economics, effect of migration in destination and in the sending countries

Alessandra Venturini is Part-time Professor at the MPC and Professor of Political Economy at the University of Turin. She holds a Ph.D. in Economics from the EUI, and has held senior academic positions at the Universities of Florence, Bergamo, and Padua. She has been honoured as a visiting professor at the Institute of Development Studies (Sussex University), at Brown University, and at the International Institute of Labour Studies (at the ILO in Geneva). Her research work has led her to conduct joint projects with organisations ranging from the OECD migration section and the World Bank, to the European Commission Migration Programme and the CEPR Migration Research programme. She is a fellow of IZA, CHILD, FIERI, and an active member of IMISCOE. Professor Venturini’s research interests are varied and include labour economics, with a focus on the assimilation of migrants in their host country and their effect on the labour market and on innovativation in the Eu countries. She has also written extensively on the effect of remittances and highly-skilled migration in sending countries and on circular and irregular migration.


Here follows a sample of her publications: “Innovation and Migration” co-authored with F .Montobbio, C. Fassio (2012, MPC Analytical Note, 2012/05), “Do Foreigners Replace Natives Immigrants”, co-authored with H. Bruecher, S. Fachin,, (2011, Economic Modelling, vol. 28(3)), “Development and Migration: Lessons from Southern Europe”, co-authored with R Faini, in Gil S. Epstein, and Ira N. Gang, N. (2010, Frontiers of Economics and Globalization, volume 8, Migration and Culture, Emerald Group Publishing Limited), “Assimilation of migrants in recent immigration countries: The Italian Experience”, co-authored with C. Villosio (OXREP, 2008, vol. 24, n. 3), “Circular Migration as an employment strategy for Mediterranean countries”, (2008, CARIM/RSCAS ASN n.39), “PostWar Migration in Southern Europe, 1950-2000. An Economic Analysis” , (2004, Cambridge University Press), “Social assimilation of immigrants”, with D. de Palo, R. Faini, (2007, World Bank Discussion Paper no. 701), “Labour Market Effects of Immigration into Italy: An Empirical Analysis”, co-authored with C. Villosio (2006, International Migration Review), “Do Immigrants Working Illegally Reduce the Natives’ Legal Employment? Evidence from Italy”, (1999, no. 2, Journal of Population Economics), “Do Immigrants Compete with Natives?” co-authored with A. Gavosto and C. Villosio (1999, no. 3, vol. 13, Labour).

Research topics: Economics, effect of migration in destination and in the sending countries
Geographic areas: All areas

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