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  • Andrew_Geddes
  • Andrew Geddes
    Director of the Migration Policy Centre (MPC)

    Research topics: Inter and intra-regional comparison of migration governance.
    Geographic areas: Asia-Pacific, Europe, North America and South America.

  • Alessandra Venturini image
  • Alessandra Venturini
    Deputy Director of the MPC

    Research topics: Economics, effect of migration in destination and in the sending countries
    Geographic areas: All areas


Research Fellows

  • MauroLanati
  • Mauro Lanati
    Research Fellow for MEDAM (project financed by Stiftung Mercator)

    Research topics: Determinants of Migration, Foreign Aid, International Trade
    Geographic areas: All areas

  • Anna Di Bartolomeo image
  • Anna Di Bartolomeo
    Research Fellow for MEDAM (project financed by Stiftung Mercator)

    Research topics: Demography, Statistics, International Migration, Integration of migrants, Immigrants’ children and education
    Geographic areas: All areas

  • Michele Nori profile picture
  • Michele Nori
    Marie Curie Fellow

    Research topics: Migrants contributions to farming and rural development in Europe – the case study of migrant shepherds / pastoralists in the Mediterranean
    Geographic areas: Mediterranean basin; southern, northern and eastern flanks (pastoral areas of Italy, Spain, France, Morocco and Albania)

Research and Project Associates

  • Luigi Achilli
  • Luigi Achilli
    Research Associate to MPC

    Research topics: Political engagement, Nationalism, Gender studies, Refugee studies, and the Politics of Space
    Geographic areas: The Arab World (esp. the Mashreq)

  • talo
  • Teresa Talò
    Research Associate to MPC

    Research topics: Attitudes on migration, irregular migration to the EU, populism and voting behaviour, and quantitative methods.
    Geographic areas: Europe & MENA region

  • alessia-bacchi
  • Alessia Bacchi
    Research Associate to MPC

    Research topics: migration and development nexus, rural migration, migrant integration, social remittances, highly-skilled migration
    Geographic areas: Mediterranean / MENA region

  • James Dennison
  • James Dennison
    Researcher to the PAM project

    Research topics: Public attitudes, social scientific methods, political behaviour
    Geographic areas: Europe, UK, United States, Singapore

  • Sona Kalantaryan image
  • Sona Kalantaryan
    Research Associate to MPC

    Research topics: Labour Economics, Labour migration, Real Estate Economics.
    Geographic areas: Mediterranean countries, Eastern Europe, Caucasus

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