Everyday Europe : social transnationalism in an unsettled continent

Author(s): Ettore Recchi, Adrian Favell, Fulya Apaydin, Roxana Barbulescu, Michael Braun, Irina Ciornei, Niall Cunningham, Juan Medrano Diez, Deniz Duru, Laurie Hanquinet, Steffen Potzschke, David Reimer, Justyna Salamonska, Mike Savage, Janne Jensen Solgaard, Albert Varela

Type: Book

Year: 2019

Estimating transnational human mobility on a global scale

Author(s): Ettore Recchi, Emanuel Deutschmann, Michele Vespe

Type: Working paper

Year: 2019

The engine of ‘Europeanness’? : free movement, social transnationalism and European identification

Author(s): Ettore Recchi

Type: Book chapter

Year: 2018

‘You better move on’ : determinants and labor market outcomes of graduate migration from Italy

Author(s): Giulia Assirelli, Carlo Barone, Ettore Recchi

Type: Journal Article

Year: 2018

Towards a Global Mobilities Database: Rationale and Challenges

Author(s): Ettore Recchi

Type: Explanatory Note

Year: 2017