Ties of more than 5,000 estimated trips between countries worldwide in 2016.
Source: Global Transnational Mobility Dataset

Global Transnational Mobility Dataset

The Global Transnational Mobility Dataset provides estimates of country-to-country cross-border human travels on the basis of worldwide statistics on tourism and air passenger traffic. The two sources are adjusted and merged, resulting into a set of data that covers more than 15 billion estimated travels over the years 2011 to 2016.

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Recchi, E., E. Deutschmann & M. Vespe. 2019. Estimating Transnational Human Mobility on a Global Scale. EUI RSCAS Working Paper 2019/30
Recchi, E., E. Deutschmann, Global Human Mobility Rapidly Increasing, New Open-Access Dataset Shows, MPC Blog (30/04/2019)

A collaboration between the EUI’s Migration Policy Centre and the Knowledge Centre on Migration and Demography at the European Commission’s Joint Research Centre

Global Visa Cost Dataset

The Global Visa Cost Dataset reports the cost of country-to-country visas for tourism, student, business, work, transit, family reunification and other motives worldwide. Data come from governmental websites and refer to costs in 2019 (in US dollars).

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