Executive Training Seminar
Depolarising the Migration Debate: Understanding Attitudes to Migration and Developing Effective Communication Strategies
2-3 April 2020 (Thursday & Friday)

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Immigration is a controversial issue that is polarizing societies. The rising salience of the immigration issue has evoked heated debates and the rise of hate speech.
It has also driven dissatisfaction with political elites and migrant advocates who are often perceived as out of touch with citizens’ concerns about immigration and diversity.
As a result, we face today a growing uncertainty about how to best communicate about immigration-related issues and how to reach out to segments of society that might be sceptical of immigration. There is a lack of ways of communication, that neither alienate affected migrants nor people who have concerns about immigration.
This Executive Training Seminar will address these questions by exploring public attitudes to immigration and immigrant integration, as well as communication strategies in this sensitive and contested arena.
This executive seminar is designed for persons working in the field of migration who want to acquire useful practical skills. The proposed training will develop these skills by providing in-depth insights into the factors that decisively shape how people view and react to immigration and ethno-cultural diversity. Subsequently, it will teach how to best identify and apply productive approaches in communicating about migration-related issues in challenging contexts.

For whom is this Executive Training tailored for?
• Communication officers;
• Political consultants and advisors working at different levels of government;
• Civil servants from authorities dealing with migration;
• Professionals working in migrant advocacy or for human rights NGOs;
• Politicians who are interested in depolarization and fostering social cohesion.

What will I gain?
• In-depth insights about different attitudes to migration in migrant-receiving regions and across different segments of society;
• Extensive knowledge of the factors that shape and influence how people think and feel about migration;
• An enhanced understanding of the potential that facts and evidence have in de-emotionalizing the debate, as well as an understanding of their limits;
• Practical, hands-on skills on how to communicate about immigration using insights from psychology, political science, and communication studies.

How will I learn?
• Interactive training sessions with distinguished experts;
• Input sessions by accomplished practitioners & academics;
• Case study analysis on diverse communications strategies;
• Designing an effective communication campaign about immigration.

This Executive Training Seminar is organised in collaboration with the European University Institute’s School of Transnational Governance.
Organizers: Andrew Geddes, Director of the Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI
Leila Hadj Abdou, Research Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, RSCAS, EUI
Fabrizio Tassinari, Executive Director at the School of Transnational Governance, EUI

Contact: leila.hadj-abdou@eui.eu

A link with more information on the registration procedure will soon be available.