“A better understanding of migration is a necessity for building a world of security, democracy and prosperity”



Migration is a reality of all times and all places. It represents both an opportunity and a challenge. While well-managed migration may foster progress and welfare at origin and destination, its mismanagement may put social cohesion, security and sovereignty at risk. Sound policy-making on migration and related matters must be based on knowledge, but the construction of knowledge must in turn address policy priorities. Because migration is rapidly evolving, knowledge thereof needs to be constantly updated. Given that migration links each individual country to the rest of the world, its study requires innovative cooperation between scholars around the world.

The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) conducts field as well as archival research at the various steps of migration, from origin to destination. With the aim of filling a research gap, the MPC puts special emphasis on processes that take place in the origin and transit countries of migrants. MPC research is at the same time scientifically robust and policy-relevant at European level and also globally, targeting academia as well as policy-makers and politicians. It provides tools for addressing migration challenges, by: 1) producing knowledge on migration, asylum and mobility in Europe and in countries located along migration routes to Europe that are regarded as priorities; 2) bridging research with action by providing policy-makers and other stakeholders with results required by evidence-based policy-making, as well as necessary methodologies that address migration governance needs; 3) pooling scholars, experts, policy makers and influential thinkers to identify problems, analyse their causes and consequences, and devise policy solutions.

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Philippe Fargues,
Director of the Migration Policy Centre