The databases of the MPC Observatories cover three major dimensions of migration: demographic and economic, legal, socio-political.


Demographic and Economic Module

Contains a wide range of statistics on migration and related phenomena. The unit of observation is the country, and some statistics are also provided at sub-national levels. For each country, data are provided by national institutions. They are obtained through methodologies of data collection and data processing which vary according to country. With a view to facilitate international comparison and aggregation, names and formats of tables and variables have been standardised as far as possible, while respecting the specificity of each national set of data.

Legal Module

Contains the legal provisions directly or indirectly linked to international migration, its causes and consequences as well as notes and papers from our national experts. The legal sources, in their original version are included as often as possible and by default references to the originals are provided.

Socio-political Module

Contains documents emanating from governmental and non-governmental institutions which play a role in defining or applying migration related policies. These documents help shed light on political and social discourses influencing migration agendas, and  provide insight into the general social and political context affecting migration policies and trends in the related countries.