The Migration Policy Centre (MPC) conducts advanced policy-oriented research on global migration, asylum and mobility. It serves governance needs at European and global levels, from developing, implementing and monitoring migration-related policies to assessing their impact on the wider economy and society.


The MPC provides fresh insight into the economic, social, political, demographic and environmental factors that can potentially drive international migration. This is combined with research that looks closely at the factors that condition policy responses at national, regional and international levels. Thus, the MPC is able to provide nuanced analysis of the interplay between the factors that can cause international migration and the ways in which these factors then play out in political and policy processes.

Key Figures (since the first MPC Publications by Region Activities in 2004)
  • Average staff: 20 people
  • + 250 network correspondents in around 100 countries
  • + 1100 publications
  • Thousands of tables and legal documents on approx. 30 non-EU countries
  • > 32 externally-funded projects for a total amount > €16.5 million
  • 13 Summer Schools organised with a total of 390 participants
MPC Publications by Region

Policy Dialogue

The MPC bridges research and policy by providing EU institutions, national authorities as well as international organizations with policy advice. It fosters dialogue between academics, policy-makers and stakeholders from the private sector and NGOs. It contributes to major issues of migration policy and governance while building links with the other key global challenges and changes.

Executive Trainings

MPC staff provides its expertise at specialist training events and workshops organised by the EUI as well as by other institutions in Italy and abroad. These events are aimed at professionals from EU institutions and national administrations in particular.

Migration Summer School

The Migration Summer School was created in 2005. Every year, it offers a two-week programme of advanced and specialised training in migration studies from a multidisciplinary perspective, targeting practitioners and academic researchers. Teaching staff includes members of the MPC as well as leading academics, officials of EU institutions and international organisations as well as renowned experts from NGOs and private sector.

Summer School Key Figures (since 2005)

  • Total number of applicants: 2315
  • Total number of participants: 390





National Origin of Summer School Participants

Current Projects

MEDAM - Mercator Dialogue on Asylum and Migration

  • Academic Co-Director: Alessandra Venturini/EUI and University of Turin
  • Research Consortium: Kiel Institute for the World Economy (leader), Centre for European Policy Studies/CEPS, EUI
  • Funding: Stiftung Mercator
  • Objective: To produce knowledge to support the design and implementation of innovative policies in the field of European immigration and asylum system from an economic perspective.

OPAM – Observatory of Public Attitudes to Migration

  • Director: Andrew Geddes/EUI
  • Funding: MPC
  • Objective: To create a unique resource base gathering a rich array of data from across the EU about public attitudes to all forms of migration.

RuMiT – Rural Migration in Tunisia

  • Funding: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • Objective: To analyse the determinants and patters of rural migration of youth in Tunisia and to examine its impact on rural household and individual food security and livelihoods.

ETEM V - External Thematic Expertise on Migration for the European Commission

  • Research Consortium: International Organization for Migration/ IOM (leader), EUI
  • Funding: EU
  • Objective: To support the DG-DEVCO of the European Commission by organising regional training workshops and expert roundtables on EU external cooperation in the field of migration and asylum.

TRAnshumances in the MEDiterranean - Patterns of pastoral migrations in the Mediterranean region

  • Marie-Curie Fellow: Michele Nori/EUI
  • Funding: Marie Curie Fellowship, EU
  • Objective: To investigate the role of immigrant shepherds in the sustainability of pastoral systems in Mediterranean EU member states

MIGPROSP – Prospects for International Migration Governance (managed by the MPC from September 2017)

  • Director: Andrew Geddes/EUI
  • Funding: European Research Council Advanced Grant
  • Objective: To know more about what could be called the ‘micro-political’ foundations that shape the context of choice for individuals within migration governance systems.
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  • “International migration has been, is and will continue to be a key political issue on a global scale”

    Andrew Geddes, Director, Migration Policy Centre